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The small jump in the Au price caused a large jump in Ag, today.

The shorts are being murdered.

Sure wish I could have  got some Ag back in March when it was mid 11$ range(for a +200% gain):tisk-tisk:

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You could be right up around $44.00 right now  I hope it does. There are no other real investments right now but gold and silver. Practically no interest on bank money, soon they will be charging us to keep in the bank.  If the dems get in stocks will go down and gold will go up like our taxes.

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2 hours ago, Beeper Bob said:

You could be right up around $44.00 right now  


It is@ $26, now, but with it's high, a few years back that neared$50, it has a ways to run.

Ruger Arms stock was in the $40's, last fall.

It has doubled in price.

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I have looked around also. Seems like the only ones i have found that take small amounts dont pay out very good.

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The best I've found so far is 90%. I saw an ad a few years ago that was supposed to pay 97% in any amount but can't remember which one it was. Of course there was probably fine print to read as well.

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I found one that seems like a fairly good deal from Midwest Refineries.

"We pay 95% of the amount of pure gold contained in your order and you receive whatever the spot price is, on the day and time your order is completed and the metal brokered. We have no minimum amounts, however please don’t send in one ring, as it’s not cost effective for us to handle tiny miniscule orders.

Regards, Gary

Midwest Refineries

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