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Arizona Wulfenite Presentation

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Thought some of you guys might appreciate this presentation about the mines that produced wulfenite in Arizona. He goes through quite a few mines across the state, and shows all sorts of specimen examples as well as some photos of the mines.


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Thanks for the link.

Wullfenite is one of my favorite minerals. I visited the Red Cloud mine many years ago. At the time, the mine was undergoing a major operation to get into the guts to extract the specimens. From what I was told, it would never produce specimens again. I don't know if this is true or not since I haven't been back there since.

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Hi Rex, 

Great video ....I have been fortunate enough to have collected at several of those locations. Yet,  for some reason I do not have hardly any Wulfenites in my collection. A lot of them have long since broken over the years unfortunately  :aw-shucks:    

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