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A snakes rattle

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38 minutes ago, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

If one doesn't provoke a response, one wont get bit by a snake.

Behind our house is a large,chaparral covered  mtn with some trails to the top.

Several years ago I was hiking with my dog(behind) when  I heard a rattle... I froze.

Then, verrrrrrrry slowly,reversed  walked until   out of perceived range. Definitely a rattler with ver thick body. It was less than 2 feet from my path and quite large.

Keep your eyes not only under your feet  but under the scrub to either  side.

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I'll never forget an experience that my work partner and I had back in 1966.  We were checking some telephone manholes for air leaks along Litchfield Rd. outside of Luke Air Force Base.  I pulled the lid on a hole to be inspected and dropped a air mic similar to the ones used by the Air Force to detect leaks in aircraft.  I heard a hissing and Sherman Booth my partner, dropped down into the hole and I bent over to see what he was going to do.  All of a  sudden he came flying out of that man hole like he had wings.  He ripped off his headset and kept yelling snake, snake.   I very carefully peered down into the manhole and saw a gopher snake laying on a cable splice with mouth wide open and hissing at me. :th_panic:  That critter was really pissed off at us but he didn't strike at Sherm or me at all.  We pulled the lid and figured to leave him to his domain of scorpions, vinegaroons, and lizards.  I guess he crawled down the little hole that you pull the lid open with when he was a little bugger.  Sherm was always a slow moving fellow and nothing bothered him much, but I did see another side of him that day.  The reason I mentioned his name is that he was one of the few survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis at the end of wwII.  He is in the survivor list on the internet but I think that most of those guys are gone by now.  There are a couple of fine films out about that tragedy if you are interested.    

      Old Tom 


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