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Carson Funrunner Toy Hauler + Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel


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For Sale:  2001 Carson Toy Hauler,  24' overall I could load my Suzuki Samurai in it between the rear door and cabinet.  Bumper pull, everything works last time it was used.  For the right price a Honda 2000 generator will be included... The pull down bed in the rear was removed to accommodate a custom built queen size bed that my friend built so he could load his salt flats bike in under the bed....DS_Store  There are two beds/bench seats on the sides of the trailer which fold down.  Last used at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover Ut in 2018.The Dodge was the tow vehicle, from Houston Tx. to Wendover then to Bakersfield where it has been stored since last year.  Apparently the truck is a good runner, it is 2wd, large four door cab, has a cracked windshield, drivers side window and some gauges are inoperative.  Both vehicles are registered in Texas.  I am selling it for his partner because sadly my friend passed away while on the salt last year.  They are from New Zealand and she is looking to move the two units, preferably together....  I used the trailer several times going to Az. and Nevada to prospect before I sold it to them in 2017.  According to what I have researched these trucks are selling for 15-17K, the toy haulers 6-7K....  The price on them is: Truck $9,800 and Trailer $5,000.   For both purchased together the price is: $13,500.  Thanks Bill for your help.

Please send a message through this site.





IMG_2770 (1).jpg





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These are photos of the 2006 Dodge Ram, it has some dings, cracked windshield, some instruments not working.  The engine fired right up after I charged the batteries has good oil pressure and sounds good.  Thanks for lookin and Happy Hunting!






IMG_1522 2.jpeg





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