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"Piddling In The Dirt" - Detector Tests. Shallow Gold.


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Photo of gold in pan represents about 2 half days of testing/comparing the below listed detectors.  All gold was found from 1" to 3" deep average, on pediment/bedrock; or on a clay layer at 3" deep (except the largest flake didn't have a gold stop. No clay, no bedrock, no gravel or hard pan. Just dirt.   Detectors used:  Minelab Gold Monster, SDC 2300, GPZ 7000. Weight of gold unknown.
 Elevation about 7,000'  Temp: Mid 70's Clear, Sunny and Cool. Rolling hills and sagebrush.
Several patches were found, each giving up around 9 flakes. All machines found gold. The Monster produced the most, probably because of the shallow nature of the ground. Repeat visits to the area produced similar number of pieces of gold each trip. Note: Not my gold. I took the photos and some video for a friend. Oh yeah, I also helped dig. That's where the piddling comes in. Finding small gold is kinda like eating peanuts. It's hard to stop once you get started. Fun stuff!




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13 hours ago, NvAuMiner said:

It all adds up and I have to agree w/Nugget108... those are all pounded pieces. 

Yeah, it's funny. You might think they were found in a creek, the way they are worn and flattened out like that. They actually came from a plateau several miles wide with a few creeks and a drainage here and there (all those had been worked pretty heavily) The source of the gold was supposedly from an elevated rich lode district about 30 miles away. I'm trying to vector back and get closer to the alleged source. Unfortunately, it's a maze of private property, and unmarked roads and trails . . .

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BMc - that is some cool gold.  Mine have never been stomped on by the gold giant, like yours.  It is pretty strange how that could happen.  They almost look like our pumpkin seed nuggets found in the East Bradshaws of AZ, but they are even flatter.  Nice job!

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20 hours ago, nugget108 said:

Super flat nuggies. 


16 hours ago, NvAuMiner said:

... those are all pounded pieces. 


2 hours ago, BMc said:

Yeah, it's funny. 


17 minutes ago, Andyy said:

 It is pretty strange how that could happen.  



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On 7/30/2019 at 4:36 PM, nugget108 said:

Super flat nuggies. Good job.

My hunting buddy up here has a friend who says that the nuggets are super flat and thin because they're glacier gold, and have been mushed over with boulders. Makes sense. The hydraulic workings below where the gold was found had a bunch of enormous round boulders in the pit. Beats anything else I've heard to explain it! :)

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