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Here we go part 2.

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Thanks for all of the fast and informative replies on my earlier post that easily exposed my sucker error. Part 2 is featuring this MASSIVE, rough, sandy like specimen. Its exterior is rough like sandpaper but it's very solid and what caught my eye is all the imprints some are pretty deep if its a meteorite though but I am not sure guys No location t go with it I pulled it from a farmers rock pile after I paid em 50 bucks to look through it because it was quite large, im still not sure if the metal detector was picking up this or something else but it's not magnetoc. any help mates? I'm sure somebody on here will have a quick terrestirial stone to identify this one. Thanks. *Edit*- There is no streak left on my coffee mug after I gave it a testing scratch,and the material that is grinded off is silvery/white. which is good right?




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Your sandy like specimen is sandstone. A very common sedimentary rock. The silvery flakes you see are the mineral mica.

What you are looking for is flakes of metal inside.  Just like the steel of a knife blade. Not a silvery white material but specks of iron. It should look like flakes of steel. It will obviously be metallic. If there is any question about it being metallic then it is not metal nor is it a meteorite. It is just as simple as that.

The divots in the stone do resemble regmaglypts. Sort of. But they lack ridges. And regmaglypts are generally connected by ridges. So you are noticing the right shapes, but are just missing the finer nuances. 

Keep looking!

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Thank you Bedrock Bob as always this forum is filled with knowledgeable people and I appreciate your detailed answer.  I agree with this being sandstone. some context for the geographic location may be relevant so I will disclose that this farmers field is in the suth eastern part of Manitoba near the Canadian shield. And like I said before it is very hard, I was attempting to chip of a cracked piece with my chisel and hammer. There was a paper published by the geological sciences dept at the U of New Jersey (https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/LPSC99/pdf/1273.pdf) And I have contacted the researches there as per the recommendation in there article not to dismiss something like this out of hand. Also there was sage tincture that had spilt on to my work desk and after looking at the Sandstone specimen it appears to have turned the white exposed surface green, probably the acids that sage tincuture contained? anyways the only thing I want to mention Is that the thumbprint like impressions were what causght my eye, never seen it before and I grew up in the badlands. Thanks again and Happy hunting guys!






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