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Anyone know what this may be?

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Hi all! I’m new to this forum so I’m not sure where to post this so please delete if not allowed here. I don’t know much about this stuff but I’ve always loved collecting interesting rocks/minerals. I found this several years ago in Chesapeake VA in a dried up creek bed that’s in the Great Dismal Swamp. The area is well known for Native American artifacts as well. I have not weighed/measured or tested it’s magnetivity. If that info is needed I can do that! Anyone have an idea of what it could be?


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It looks like a volcanic rock. The divots in the rock look like sockets where inclusions have fallen out. They could be gas bubbles too. Both will cause a rock to have dimples like that. You can see what appears to be an inclusion that remains in the socket (lower left corner). So I would say those other sockets are where similar inclusions fell out.

 A close up photo of the surface would give a better clue as to exactly what type of rock it is. 

It is not an uncommon rock. It is a natural sculpture though and is appealing for its form. It is also the type of stone that can be carved and shaped by abrasion. So you could modify the form a bit if you wanted to. The shape and composition is a plus.

Stones can be rare, stones can be valuable. At the other end of the spectrum stones can be worthless or even destructive. Yours is in the upper middle class. 

I would seal it with tile and grout sealer and lay it on the table. Use those divots to set other little rocks in. Balance other rocks on top of those. Add a rock you found every day until it looks just right. Then take it all apart and rebuild it with a drop of epoxy at the joints.

Upper middle class rocks can make a really sweet rock collection.






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A not so dismal rock from the Dismal Swamp. Thanks for posting it!
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36 minutes ago, Greg L said:

Bob, I hope that wasn’t you. That  is so awful it is awesome. Love it.

It is Syrian Pebble Art. A bunch of people are doing it over there in the war zone. Kinda like sand painting only with pebbles.


I think it is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Right up my alley. I am working on making a few panels out of river stones taken from New Mexico rivers. I am in the process of collecting the stones. I have not created any panels with them yet.




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