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Five nuggets in 3 hours - Sierra Gold

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Hey I went back to the spot where I got some nuggets the other day and had a pretty good afternoon - even though I didn't get there until after lunch. I decided to shoot some YouTube video, and it worked out pretty good as I was finding good gold. It was a lot of fun. 



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Thank you for your willingness to teach.  I have your book and it is excellent!  I have been detecting and studying geology on my own since

1994.  I seem to hang on your every word and it has helped me time after time.

I just got back from a weeklong trip into gold country here in Montana.  I did not find gold this time but what a beautiful week in the high mountains it

was.  I was mainly looking for contacts, faults, and indications of mineralization.  I have found many ounces of gold here in Montana but you do have to  

hunt for shallow enough ground for a detector.  So much of  the  old placer ground is on private property now.

Anyway, you always give me inspiration.  Keep up the fine work.


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Really enjoyed this and the video following it, thanks for taking the time to do and post.  Your excitement when you found the first nugget is priceless too.

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Beautiful Chris!  I do have to say that your book is the very best I've ever seen...Read it at least 4 times, cover to cover...I've been at gold prospecting for 40 years and I still learned a lot from it!!! ...Cheers, Unc


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