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107th Holbrook Anniversary Hunt

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This past weekend my friend Fred and I headed out to Holbrook for the 107th anniversary of the fall and his birthday.

We hunted the east end of the strewn field on the anniversary, hoping to find a big stone that managed to stay buried for 100 years, but no luck.  Fred did manage an anniversary find, though, and pulled out a complete sub-gram Holbrook pea.  I don't have a pict but if I get one from him I'll share.

The next day Fred's wife and daughter surprised him at breakfast, flying in from Michigan.  I helped coordinate the birthday surprise and we pulled it off.  We all four then headed out to the field.


It wasn't long before I came across a bit of rusty fusion crust poking out of the sand.


I called everyone over to see the undisturbed meteorite, and while we were standing there Fred's wife stuck her magnet down and asked, "What's this?"  Lo and behold it was a fragment of my find just sitting on the surface that in my excitement to call everyone over I had neglected to look for.  It was her first meteorite find ever.

I asked his daughter to pick up my find with her magnet to see how they attract, but it was stuck in the sand, so I had her pop it loose with her shoe first.  We were all surprised when something much larger surfaced and clung to her magnet, seems that just a small portion of the stone had been exposed by recent rains.

I cleaned up my find and managed to fit the piece Fred's wife found in where it broke off.  Despite my protest, she gave me her find so that it could live with its parent body in my collection case.



Good times with good friends, can't wait for the next one!

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Nice Finds Mike,

  Did you run into Rubin Garcia, he was also out there, did a youtube video on it...


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15 hours ago, DolanDave said:

Nice Finds Mike,

  Did you run into Rubin Garcia, he was also out there, did a youtube video on it...


Ruben was there 2 days before us, and despite some rain in between we still saw his ATV tracks.

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