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It is tough to get out in the southern deserts right now so I though i`d share some gold you may not have seen.

A while back boulder dash and I had a really good day. The article was in the November, 2018 issue of the Mining Journal. We have visited this patch several times since the discovery , finding maybe a piece or two ...Good times....

Over 65 grams in one day was recovered by us in a narrow little gully. Keep hunting folks, its out there !

Here`s some pictures...Enjoy !


The single narrow little gully , maybe 200 feet in length...


The first 3 gram nugget discovered with a Gold Bug II in the overburden...




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15 hours ago, Uncle Ron said:

Nice stuff Adam...any place I can read your article online? Cheers, Unc

Sorry Ron, I`m not aware of one . You can always order the individual magazine , or get an online subscription.

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2 hours ago, Alwaysdirty said:

:droolin:  I'm not jealous at all...

I'll second that notion !!  :old:

Finds like that, are well deserved.  :head:

Congratulations Adam and Boulderdash !!  :D

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that's hot.  That was a good article.  And gorgeous gold!!

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