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Silver is on a roll


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I hear that, I was a buyer ip to 45 on the last upheaval

What is next? Ever increasing deficit spending with growing g interest on total debt, gloom, despair and agony( on me) deep dark depression , excessive misery...:):inocent::ya::old::89:Those conditions are.likely to cause a runup so hold onto your treasure chests.

Or Yellowstone will blow :kap::desertsmile:and then the only commodities worth anything will be canned goods and :2drink:wine/liquor( can't eat silver or gold),

,,,and cartridges of various calibers:cowboypistol:

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Looks like the Saudi refinery fire has worried the stock market and thrilled war mongers, energy prices go up with restricted supply ,which constrains manf's with increased cost for energy... folks run for the exits and to safety away from the stock market  ,,, gold and silver pop up, backfilling of  the chart stops.

Check KITCO    for metal prices.

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