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GPZ 10" Gold Continues


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After getting out to the claim at midnight, I set up the detector.  Well this place has been hit by every machine you can think of, including the VLF's.  After checking the main hillside area, I had nothing.  Only one boot tack I found that everyone missed.  Then I headed down to the stream where I had found gold before.  Lots of pieces had been found here.  But the area had been worked hard by drywashers and detectors, too.  My buddy with an SDC3200 basically cleaned this place out.  Last time I was here, I got the skunk.  It was starting to look the same this time.  But then after hitting the sides of the wash, I got clear signal.  There actually seemed to be a couple signals.  The first two signals were the biggest pieces.  But I kept hearing more and more signals.  I dug down another 4-5 inches through the schist and pulled out another 4pcs for a total of 6 (all of which in a 2'x2' area).  I had hit this specific spot before and found gold about 10' away.  But here I am with more.  I am not really sure how the larger pieces were not heard with the GPX5000 I used previously down this wash.   I am pretty sure I had also hit it with the GPZ 14" coil.

I do really like the small pinpoint accuracy of this coil and how light it is.  Not very big gold (total of 2 grams), but I am only showing it to give an idea of its capability in the states.  It does seem to add an inch or two depth on the .1g pieces.  This is what I would expect for a 10" coil.

20190713_202158.jpg     Screenshot_20190713-120342_Best Magnifying Glass.jpg

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WTG Andy! Good on you for getting out in this heat......and all the night critters :)
Tom H.


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You shoulda called me....   :idunno:

That gold looks very familiar.  :D

Good stuff, nice work.  Congrats !!  :thumbsupanim


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Funny how a few finds like that make you think about a place differently.  :idea:

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