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Fisher F-Pulse important finding

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Hello everyone, i just bought a F-Pulse and want to share some important findings.

Alkaline AA (Panasonic Platinum Power) = Sens-3, works perfect.

Lithium AA (Energizer Lithium Ultimate) = Sens-3, noisy on everything even holding in mid air.

Hope this helps someone because i've been reading about people thinking there pointer is broken.

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garikfox here is some good info on Alkaline and Litium batteries. You should call Fisher and ask them if the Litium are to powerful for your pointer. Check the voltage of each. Also put the sen to # 2. Then try touching the ground with the pointer tip and turning it on then. Hope this helps. 


Comparing Single-Use Batteries

  Alkaline Lithium
Nominal Voltage 1.5 3.0
Estimated Shelf Life 5–10 years 10–15 years
Performance at 0°F Poor/good Very good
Best or Common Uses

Moderate-drain devices:



Low-drain devices:


Smoke detectors

High-drain devices:

Digital cameras


Moderate-drain devices:



Distinctive Characteristics
  • Most commonly used and widely available battery.
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Lighter weight than alkaline batteries.
  • Best digital camera choice among single-use batteries.
  • CAUTION: Too powerful for some devices; read product instructions first.
Recyclable Yes. To learn how and where, visit: www.call2recycle.org


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