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A Little Gold Today...


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Hunted from 8 am until 4pm today in the Desert. It was tough going with a handful of trash and 2 little pieces.:89:

I moved rocks, cut down bushes, raked the ground, and just couldnt scrounge up a another bit. 

Enjoy ! 

IMG_2217 (2).JPG




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Dang! thats a work out for sure. Well....................you got some yellow :)
Tom H. 

Very nice artifacts I must add :) 

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Dang adam, .....What do you have a secret-"Refrigerated"-suit:confused0089[1]: you wear out there???????????  You must have drank a 5-gallon bucket's worth of water:desertsmile: during the day just to sweat it out whilst you was: "moved rocks, cut down bushes, raked the ground".  I'm not sure about where in the desert you where, but I very much don't think that the temp was anywhere near, nor dropped below 85 degree's:Diggin_a_hole:s at anytime during today,......Kooto's man,,..Kooto's  :yesss::worship:  Invite me along next time and I'll hold your umbrella and be a cabana-boy:laught16:.  Gary

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Ah,  to be young again.  I did 3 hours of yard work this morning here in Tucson and was totally trashed.

Nice gold by the way.


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Great picks.  And I thought I was the only one picking up those darn buttons.

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