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Found rock hunting. Meteorite? Thoughts?

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Metal detector does not detect anything. Magnet isn't attracted. Found it up near Copper Harbor, MI. Thinking about stopping by the mineral museum tomorow to see what they think. It has a  metallic finish to it, which I thought was very odd since I can't find any trace of metal... 



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It looks just like my first meteor-wrong. 

Your learning curve will get a lot steeper after hematite. It is a great way to learn the difference between metallic and sub-metallic and to figure out the streak test.

You instinctively recognize iron but need to differentiate between the various forms of it. A meteorite has free native iron and on earth the only iron in a metallic state is man made. All terrestrial iron is mineral and not metal.

Once you learn how to differentiate mineralized iron from free metal you will rarely ever be fooled. This observation with hematite will teach you everything you need to know to weed out 99% of all suspect stones. Hematite (ferrous) and Magnetite (ferric/ferrous) are going to account for the majority of meteor wrongs and these are easy minerals to identify once you see the difference between metallic and sub-metallic and do a quick streak.

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