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Jungo Meteorite

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On June 17,2019  Dolan Dave, Eric Rasmussen, Jim Tobin and I hunted Jungo Dry Lake in Northern Nevada.I'm happy to say there were no skunks on this trip. I was fortunate enough to make a 207.8 gram. find. With that said,  is anyone aware of any bigger finds made from Jungo that have not been reported?  The Metbull lists the largest find as 103.6 grams in 2010 by  Scott Johnson, who made the first find on this dry lake,     

IMG_3079 (2).JPG

IMG_0995 (2).jpg

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Long time no hear John B, I remember long ago you talking about Jungo....

  Congrats on some nice finds to Richard, Eric, and Jim..


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