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Wow everyone let's be rich .

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There's an old "Twilight Zone" episode from the early 60's that is futuristic in which gold became worthless. Seems like science had devised a way to produce gold so it became invaluable. Ha! 

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I'm still wondering who came up with the amount of gold in the asteroid.  I couldn't find anything from NASA.  Probably is some misinformation put out.  The original article interviews a commodity expert about what would happen if we got all the gold we needed.  Never talked about who or how all that money was measured.

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Don't worry about all that gold ... if it were true gold price would 'soar' to $2.00 a pound! Law of supply and demand folks! But that is obvious to all of us! We are all just dreaming about the quantity at the current price of gold ...not the resulting drop in value! :rolleyes::old:

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