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Our very own ASU is building the probe that will be sent to Psyche.  During their open house, I visited and ASU had a display set up about this metallic asteroid.  Never really mentioned the makeup of the asteroid as far as how much precious metals were present.  I wonder where Fox, or the source the Sun, came up with worth $10,000 quadrillion dollars.  I have no doubt there's gold up there, I just wonder how trace amounts, and I do bet its spread evenly throughout the asteroid than concentrated in one area. After all, some gold and a little bit of platinum come out of copper production as byproducts here on earth, so why shouldn't precious metals be flying around in asteroids.

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I came up with that much gold is a block 7.3 KM X 7.3KM X 7.3 KM pure gold.  The Asteroid has a diameter of 216 km.  The volume pf Psche 16 would be 4833 Cubic Kilometers, meaning that the asteroid is .8% gold volume wise,

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I saw a program some time back that put out the probability all gold here on earth could have come from asteroids impacts thru time. I always was under the impression that when earth was initially formed the gold was already here...more than likely a combination of both. Space being infinite there is no telling what could possibly be out there! One also has to wonder how much gold possibly lies beneath our oceans which they say we still today know little about? 

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