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River gold or mika

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3 hours ago, Godparticals said:

When u find flat pieces shiny as ever in river on banks or low level streams the shiny objects that look gold...is it fools gold or au

Welcome to the forum!

I would say what you seeing is fool's gold, gold is seldom if ever just laying on top of the surface in or out of water, this is because it's heavier then anything else there so when it rains or is in water and the surrounding dirt gets wet/saturated the gold will sink down until it comes in contacts something solid or less soluble, usually solid bedrock or a clay layer.

A fairly simple test is while looking at the shiny pieces when the sun is shining on them they can look  like gold, now using use you hand or something to shade the pieces, if they still look exactly the same it's possible that it could be gold and further testing should be done, but if the pieces change their look/color/shine in any way it's not gold, gold has a glow all of it's own and will look exactly the same in sunlight or shade.

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In addition to what Au Seeker said, you can take a pin to it, and if it shatters mica, if its malleable and gold colored, you got yourself gold.  If you have enough gold in your stream to see it, you're on to a very, very rich area.  A ton of dirt is about 35 five gallon buckets, and a good pay streak would be a gram a ton, or $40.  That is like taking enough gold flakes that sit on top of your thumb nail, tossing them into those 35 buckets, churning it up, and I doubt you'd see one of those flakes if you laid the dirt out about two inches deep and looked on the top for a flake.

Also with the always shiny, that works in sunlight.  I have not had luck with that when I pan at night under my porch light.  Whatever bulb I use does not reflect against the gold like the sunshine.  Nothing like sunshine.

Try looking at the few flakes look.  Maybe you found a pay streak.  If not, you got experience and you'll know what to look at in the future.

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