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Looking for precious opal

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In New Mexico from Albuquerque been on the hunt for  precious opal. I know how to find it being the fact that’s all I studied the past four years cutting Australian opal. If there is anyone here who wants to go hunt and has leads I know how to find it in the fault lines. I already found boulder opal in New Mexico and I know it’s here just need the leads to some veins where the common opal which they call potch forms and I’ll be able to bring a driller to test the ground 

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Hello George! Welcome to the forum!

So you are looking for veins of common opal to drill in search of precious opal? A lofty goal indeed!

When you were reading the bulletins at NMBMMR in your four years of study did you note the location for precious opal near Albuquerque? Have you ever found any in that spot?  Have you looked around that area and located any likely spots to start drillin"?



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Hey welcome George, This sounds incredible. I just bought my first piece of boulder opal back a few months, and the stuff is pretty awesome. I just found my first precious opal last year over here in northern Nevada. The opal as you probably know is not well suited for making jewelry but you can find some valuable specimens. Good luck on your exploration drilling.:thumbsupanim


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