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Trying to break the dry spell

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Hello all. My name is Spencer. I'm AllenJ's son. We've been prospecting for about 1.5 years now in the Butte County, CA area. It started with me purchasing a Gold Bug 2. My father and I went up to the French Creek area to test the detector out and after finding a bunch of shot, we were infected with the sickness and have dedicated most of our free time to prospecting since.

I'm not able to get out as much as last year due to being in school again for the first time in 10 years, but since I'm only taking one summer course, we are able to get out about once a week.

The attached picture is from one of our best trips out, if not the best trip, last summer. It was one heckuva day.


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Welcome Spencer!  I guess me talking about this forum finally got to you lol.  As I'm sure I've said to you already these folks know their stuff and are very helpful.  This forum is a great resource.

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3 hours ago, nugget108 said:

Nice gold and welcome to the forum. 

Thank you. The only reason I found this was because AllenJ had an idea. His idea paid out. 


Yeah, I was tired of lurking. I also plan to live vicariously through others once the fall semester starts.

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