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We went out to one of my new favorite spots today looking for rhodonite ,and Arizona Jade and yes we found plenty, a whole mountain of rhodonite but no jade.

This is a lost area of Arizona, only listed in a few prospecting books, and usually only has 1 line of details. but what you find here is Amazing. I will put a few picture on so you can get an idea of what I am saying, but what I want to know is what king of material, dirt or rock this drift mine is composed of. It is at eyeball level to a wash and if we had not been looking for more hand stacked rocks today we never would have found it. The material is very soft, you can dig it out with a twig. The drift goes back a good 50 - 60 feet, you have to crawl through it. It is layered in a grayish-white with brown layers and purple layers .

Photos of the area:20190609_125529.jpg








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Nice. I’ve got a few pounds of small rough, and a couple slabs of Crafton Hills rhodonite, which I think is some of best looking material out there. Too bad the deposit was depleted in the 60s. 

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I made it back to this area today, and yes it was caliche, we were just to tired to do any digging a few weeks ago. And I did bring back roughly 100 lbs of rhodonite . I went inside to drift mine about 30 feet today, whoever dug it must have been the size of a 9 year old, I scanned the walls for signals, but Nada. After a few hours we went riding and I found another shaft someone dug in dirt, this one is about 40 feet above a wash and goes down about 40 feet. I do not even think BLM knows where it is because there is no fence, and whoever dug it did not hit bedrock, sorry for my finger being in the way, adding some more pictures so you can see the beauty of the area. This is inside the first drift mine, notice the purple area



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Side of the hill with rhodonite boulders the size of an F150 and some of the smaller dykes of rhodonite that I brought home, the last picture shows relationship to where Mexico is. (the mountains in the background) about 15 miles




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