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Possibly galena?

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Hi! I found this basalt in the western Cascade Range, near an abandoned mine. There was a crumbly vein nearby, which I scratched with the pick. There was also a lot of gray andesite around.

My best guess is the white is plagiclase feldspar, but are those little shiny specs galena? The sample is too small to check for hardness. They do appear cubic, or at least do have flat sides, under a hand lens. Any help is appreciated! 







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I found some  galena once, Arctic Dave should remember that dark vein up on top of the hill over towards Kirkland...hit it with a torch and plumbing flux an got shiny little molten beads.  The density can be a dead giveaway.  I had San Diego Dectector Xrf it but there was no Ag mixed in.waaaaaa. just lead

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