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Mineral I.D. please! New to forum.

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The last one was found in Pinal County, AZ. Looks like a snake to me eating something. The rest are from a friend whose Dad was a geologist. Have never tried to have them identified, as he used to go around the world.

Screenshot_20190530-150034_Pic Collage.jpg





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First off let me just say welcome to the forums! Those are some amazing pieces you have there. While it is very difficult to tell what things are just off pictures (without specific gravity, steak test, etc), but just off looks alone I would guess that in picture 2 it is druzy quartz (on both sides). Honestly couldn't tell you on pictures 1-3-5, but picture 4 tho, if it reflects light and has different colors on the surface (blue, green, purple, yellow) the it could very well be labadorite (I have a recent post of an example of a low quality blue one you could check out and use as reference). I'm sure the other guys on here tho will be able to help you out a bit more. 

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1 looks like bladed barite.

2 looks like some variety of quartz (maybe chalcedony)

3 looks like garnet in quartz

4 might be labradorite as suggested, but I think the piece looks more like fluorite. Can’t really tell from just a picture.

5 looks like some sort of concretion.

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