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Reverse Helix Trommel for sale

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Eliminator Reverse Helix Trommel $2000


120 VAC Reverse Helix Trommel for processing pay dirt.  Shovel the dirt into the trommel, and the reverse helix trommel system gets minimum amount, approximately one cup of concentrates for clean up.  When New Age built this trommel, they advertised it on their website as 5 tons per hour (almost 180 five gallon buckets, but used it to run 15-30 real buckets per hour.  This is a serious piece of prospecting equipment and will move much more dirt than smaller systems.

Trommel three water adjustments.  One controls the amount of water going in the hopper, the second controls the amount of water going inside the trommel spraying the dirt.  The third, a garden hose can be attached and used to spray dirt.

The pictured switch, top, turns the trommel on to rotate, and the bottom switch turns the pump on.  A Mesh bag is included to help keep organics (roots, leaves, smally branches) from entering the pump.

Used the trommel to process central Arizona gold.  Can operate by recirculating water.  Optimal setup for me was 60 gallons of water with a 40 gallon planter to catch the tailings with water running to a 25 gallon planter.

Eliminator Trommel and 3600 GPH water pump are included, but catch buckets are not included and neither is a generator.

You Tube of actual Trommel in use:

New Age Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/New-Age-Mining-Equipment-203453349741724/ 



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