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Idk what I’m doing but it’s attractive, for me 🙂

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Good luck with your new hobby! A few things to think about...

Don't mix stones of different hardness. The harder stones will beat the softer stones to death, and you’ll never get a good polish on any of them. Clean everything thoroughly between grit changes. Any course grit left over will ruin the next stage. Try to avoid tumbling rocks that have pits or other places where grit can get stuck and carry over to the next stage. Don’t ever rinse your tumbled material in the sink. The grit and sludge that comes out of your tumbler will clog your pipes like if you filled them with concrete. There are some more tips here. https://stoneageindustries.com/product/tumbling-with-rotary-or-barrel-tumblers/

I like the last pic. Looks like either fossilized coral or oolite. Neat stone either way.

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5 minutes ago, rylan said:

Thanks for all the advice d. I thought about the hardness aspect but didn’t act on it. I will keep that in mind for the future.


You don't have to worry much about mixing stones of different hardnesses when shaping or sanding. But when you get to the pre-polish stage it becomes important. I sort the stones going into the pre-polish stage. 

If you have lots of ceramic pieces or plastic filler beads in there and a nice thick slurry it will work good. I polish with the barrel 3/4 full and use about 50% by volume plastic beads. The only stones that get beat up are the large, flat pieces of quartzite and obsidian. The jaspers, agates, opals and moonstones all seem to tumble nicely together as long as there are no big flat ones rattling around in the barrel with them.

Thicken the slurry with corn syrup or dish soap. Especially in the pre-polish and polish stages. The viscosity of that slurry is important.

The proper volume of material in the barrel, the correct ratio of filler beads and/or ceramic pellets, and a perfect slurry is the key to tumbling IMHO.

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