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Aba Panu meteorite slice - macro

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Do tell me if I am spamming the forum with my meteorite photos. Here is a tiny silce (0.8g, about 2cm long) of the Aba Panu L3 chondrite. Currently, it's my meteorite with the best preserved chondrules, even if it's S4 shock grade. It's also my highest detail photo, both focus stacked and panorama composited, with a macro tubes, reversing ring and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (sharp from edge to edge).


2019-05-24-13.39.17 ZS retouched-pano-3PL-01.jpeg


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Thanks guys!

Here is the other side. Does anyone have enough experience with meteorites to venture a guess what could the tiny bright cyan crystal by the right edge, 1/3 to the top be (you have to zoom in - it's tiny)? I haven't seen that kind of color either in this meteorite or the other ones I have.

2019-05-24-15.13.52 ZS retouched-pano-3PN-01.jpeg

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Is it possible it's olivine? That mineral comes in many shades of green. It is a little odd you would have two shades within a few millimeters though. Just food for thought.

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