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FOWARD GAUSS detectors

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I'm new to all this and was wondering why I don't hear more about these devices. I'm pretty sure i know what you all are going to say about them but i'm just wondering if they are for real or to good to be true.


models: VR3000, VR4000, VR5000, VR6000, VR7000, VR8000, VR9000, VR10000

Cost: $500 - $1200

The Depth for these are 15 ft. to 600 ft. OKAY for starters i'm not digging anything down to 15 ft. LOL!

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What exactly would you hunt with one of those gadgets?

Surely not gold nuggets.

If you want to find gold use a tool a prospector would use. If you are looking for something big from 15-600 feet deep then getcherself one of those Gauss chingaderos and get after it!

You might find a big azz iron meteorite or something if you drug it around long enough.

If you want to go big get a Pulse Star or Lorenz deep PI machine. Real treasure and meteorite hunters use them and they are the machines to get for that type of actividad.

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It like looks like a sophisticated scam to me. I didn't waste my time reading through the whole thing. Just another fellow who believes in the old adage "a fool and their money are soon parted".

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