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New member with iron object find

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Hello All.

Would someone be able to help me identify this object please? Found during a walk in the New Forest in S England. No other similar objects nearby. It's clearly metallic, deflects a compass needle, and is strongly attracted to magnets. Density is around 6-8 g/cm3.

I suspect it's a just a piece of rusty old man-made iron, but wanted to check with others. I filed a little off one end to expose the shiny metal.

Many thanks.




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You're right sir. It's a piece of R.M.M.M. (Rusty miscellaneous mystery metal) . . .

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Welcome to the forum!

From looking at a map of where you found it I see there is a shoreline, if it was found on a beach it could have come from some type of marine vessel, or shoreline structure,  if more inland then it could be anything but also could be a bit from military action during WWII. 

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Many thanks for your replies. It was found about 10 miles inland. There appear to be some small crystalline objects embedded in it, and a larger red/brown crystalline substance visible on one side (bottom of second photo).

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