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Man stumbles upon nugget of gold while walking dog

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An Australian family has uncovered a small fortune while on a Mother's Day walk.  

The father, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was walking around the outskirts of Bendigo, in Victoria with his two daughters and his dog, aptly named Lucky.

"Mum actually stayed at home so me, my two daughters and Lucky were just walking along," the man told The Age.

"I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking. She then goes 'Dad, is this gold?'".......

Weighing in at 624 grams, the family has been told their lucky find could be worth more than NZ$37,000 (AUS$35,000)....



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Skip, You beat me to it.😉 What a lucky find. Reminds me of the one where a pallisite was found in England under similar circumstances.

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Hi guys,

I was in Bendigo that day and have been in the area for over a week now.  They allow people to hunt for gold in their parks.  Bendigo is a pretty big city and it is like having LSD as part of the greater city.  They don't turn their parks into Monuments, National Recreation areas or State Parks which make them off limits to detecting.

There is a follow up to that story.

When you are in Australia prospecting in the parks or the forests (there is a difference) you need what is called a Miner's Right to keep the gold you find.  There is some 'question' if you need to be looking for it or just take it if you weren't looking.

The story now goes that they little girl who found the nugget and her dad did not have a Miner's Right (license) which only costs $20 for 10 years.  It is unknown what is going to happen to them or the nugget based upon the law.

On another story, about the same day up in Wedderburn which is northwest of Bendigo some was walking and found a 7.5 oz nugget.  They didn't take it to the papers and they don't have the problem with a Miner's Right!

I have a Miner's Right but I only have a couple of little nuggets which total to about 1g.  I wish I had their problems!


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The 'latest' part of the first story of a guy finding a nugget walking his dog is that he found it on private property!

It seems that there is a housing development going up near where he lives.  They had been digging streets and foundations, etc and he was in the construction area when he found it.  This would not be public land.  He would still need a Miners Right so the chances of him keeping it now are slim.

If you put it in your pocket and don't say anything your ability to keep it is much greater for him.

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