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Scored some gold !!


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Got out today for a few hours in a spot Boulderdash and I have nearly worked out. :89:   After  much placering  and praying ,:fl: I managed to find a few gorgeous nuggets. :black_knight_standing: 

The gold here is Isometric :brows: . It can be anything from square cubes, triangles to flat rectangles etc.... Two of the nuggets pictured were found 15 feet from the source. Can you guess which two ?

I did not weigh them ..  Enjoy !





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absolutely gorgeous, Adam.  Keep scraping for more ... 

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Beautiful collectors' pieces, Adam!  WTG...Have you guys pounded the actual vein about the head and ears? :droolin: Cheers, Unc

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5 hours ago, Uncle Ron said:

Beautiful collectors' pieces, Adam!  WTG...Have you guys pounded the actual vein about the head and ears? :droolin: Cheers, Unc

We have uncle Ron. The gold bearing material was about a foot wide and ran for around 20 - 25 ft. We did a few samples but returns were low averaging 1 -2 small course pieces per 5 gallon bucket. Very little micron fine gold just beautiful course pieces.

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That is very cool I bet you have to be very careful pulling them out of the hard pack.

Could the isometric shaped from decomposing Granite and Quartz mix and the gold shot up into the cavities that were already Isometric shaped from the other 2 minerals?

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11 hours ago, adam said:

You nailed it bob. :thumbsupanim

Awesome contest Adam! I have P.M.'d my mailing address and you can send my two nuggets forthwith!

Now for all the cheekakos who have no clue how to tell those fresh little nuggets from the ones farther down the slope...

Most gold is alloyed with copper. In the vein the copper is alloyed evenly throughout the gold. Hardrock gold is a bit "brassier" color than the placer eroded form the vein because the copper on the surface has not been leached away. Gold particles will turn from "brassy" to soft yellow pretty quickly especially in an acid environment like down slope from a mineral vein. This is all about the copper being stripped from the surface chemically. Fresh gold will often be a distinctly different color and even two different colors like you see at 10 and 4 in the photo.

So chemical weathering takes place long before mechanical weathering. In other words the color changes long before the shape will. You can plainly see the nuggets at 10 and 4 are brassier and have spots that are "yellower". They have barely started the chemical weathering process and are still changing color (they are also the least mechanically weathered). The rest of the nuggets are fully de-coppered on the surface and are the soft yellow of placer gold.

Awesome shapes Adam! As rare as hens teeth. Good on you ya diggin' rascal!


I am not a real prospector at all. I just pose as one here on Nuggetshooter for reasons that are a bit nebulous. I have no real mining knowledge and get it all from Google while sitting in my mother's basement smoking pot in my pajamas. At least that is the word on the street. So be very suspicious of anything I post because it could all be the ramblings of a lunatic.

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