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Its a boy!  After 2 long days of hard labor, and under a stormy sky, the rebirth from the womb of mother earth finally came.  At approx. 3:15 PM local time on Tuesday April 23, 2019 in southern Arizona, it arrived.  Weighing in at 1.4 grams, with a pointy head, chunky body and a golden disposition, I decided to name this unique nuggie "Arrowhead"  Along with its 2 earlier siblings,  I reckon he can officially be called a patch nuggie.

The delivery was rather uneventful as the soil blanket that covered him was only a few inches deep.  The doctor (me) was extremely surprised due to the fact this "golden boy's"  vocal rebirth scream was so loud that a butt ugly lead bullet was expected to be had.

Arrowhead is so far the prettiest and heaviest nuggie found thus far with my Gold Monster 1000.  Bigger and better ones will surely come to past.

  As our Australian friends like to say, "Its a Rippah!" 

Arrowhead 007.JPG

Arrowhead 005.JPG

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Thanks to all who saw my posting and a special gratitude for all the kind words from the respondent. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

After viewing this post, I was disappointed in the quality of the pictures shown.  They were a little blurry so I took more care and photoed  a few more.  The new pictures look much more clearer (at least on my computer).  We'll see what how the new photos look on this post.


4-23-19 nugget 006.JPG

4-23-19 nugget 001.JPG

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