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Uruacu Iron

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It's been a few years now since I found this iron. I found it the easy way while searching if my nugget patch extended further South. Just on the back side of some brush that it was hidden behind there it was just sitting on the ground close to the edge of the hole it came out of. Someone else did the work of digging it up and set it on the side of the hole. A good size hole and if the iron had been standing upright it would have only been about 3 inches under ground but if on it's side that would put it about 8 inches deep. The person that dug it up either didn't know what it was or wasn't interested in it. The dirt around the hole was almost all gone from the rains and the side of the hole had washed in a little. So I'm guessing it had been out of the hole for at least a year. 

Tried picking it up and the old back said "no no" so I came back to town and got my grandson's other grandpa and we went back and had to do some pick work on a couple of ravines to get the Toyota over to the iron. 4x4, number 1 and Low did the trick. 

A well know meteorite buyer there said he would buy it if I could get it there legally. Brazilian minerals can't be sold or shipped from Brazil but they don't consider a meteorite a Brazilian mineral. So DHL delivered it for me to OKC for $2400.00 bucks.

A friend there has it stored for me so if anybody is interested in inspecting it I will give you his phone number. Also the buyer backed out soon as the 

iron was in the USA. 

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