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30 lb Help identifying please

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I'm definitely starting to notice that I am not good at identifying suspect meteorites and I should stick to Roofing instead of meteorite hunting but I do have another one that I would love to share and see if anyone has any idea of what it might be thank you for taking the time to observe my posts

It's about 30 cm long 20 wide by 13 cm High triangular shape

 really heavy lightly magnetic shines of different types of metal

Found by the ocean 

 about 30 pounds

The bottom side had a brownish weather in but the rest looks like it does not have a fusion crust but I'm not sure

It has one hole 1 cm in diameter looking at it aerodynamically it would be in the tail end

Thank you again











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Hello Wahib, if i may suggest you might want to try buying a couple inexpensive meteorites on e-bay, then you could grind or cut them and just feel what a real one is like in your hand. Or maybe just spend more time doing your homework on the internet where you can find thousands of pictures, but if you don't already have a hand sample i would think about buying one. It will teach you quite a bit just playing with how it attracts a magnet and the general texture of the surface. Dont' quit some people get really lucky when they are beginners.


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