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Check out this beauty I found today

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I was searching for Agates in a creek In northern Alberta back in the woods. While keeping an eye out for bears and other predators I was searching the creek banks and in the water where rocks were collecting over time. 

I found this fossil and I think it is part of an Ammonite. Can anyone confirm? You can see the ridges of suspected ammonite and when I turn it over there is a black piece of what I think is the shell sticking out. Also there is what looks like ammolite like the gem stone only not gemstone quality or colorful. What do you all think?









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1 hour ago, d_day said:

Looks more like trilobite fragments to me. Either way, nice find.

I think you are right. I googled trilobite and I believe you are right. Thanks. Prob one of my favorite fossil finds.

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I would contact the geology dept at your local university and ask about fossil collecting localities in your area. There may be information online as well.

Another option is to check with your local rock and gem club....if any.

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42 minutes ago, pRoDiEuS said:

Does anyone know if i search the area where I found this if the odds are good I would find another?

It's possible....but being up in Alberta that specimen could of come from 100s of miles away and moved to the location by glaciers, or if you're lucky it's from there and was uncovered by glaciers

Morlock's advise would be the best way to find out. 

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Interesting find.  I think the term for all the fossil pieces is "hash" such as "trilobite hash", or "coral hash" etc..

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