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Wondering if anyone would be willing to tell me anything about these

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Agatized sea life for sure. Yeah, fairly common but neat stuff. Great tumbling material.

Jasper and agate gets rounded and polished up around wave action. I think a couple of them are probably jasper. They are both silicon dioxide that have slight differences. As a rule of thumb  jasper is opaque and an agate is translucent.

Fossils are either agatized or opalized but agates and opals are not always fossils. Some fossils are opaque but you call them agate and not jasper. Some of your stones are obviously fossilized shells so they are agatized even though they may not be translucent. A couple look like jasper but they could be fossil agate as well. It is basically the same stuff.

This material stands out because humans are genetically hardwired to recognize it. For millions of years we relied on stone tools to survive and this is the material we used to make them. We still get all turned on by the luster of agates and jaspers in the gravel. These stones resonate with us on some ancient level. We know instinctively that we have found a valuable stone.

That right there is the cave man in you calling out. 

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We are omnivores due to the conchoidal fracture of amorphous silica.
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