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Meteorite question please

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Hello,brand new member,glad to be aboard been a reader for years!!!

I have a question pertaining to meteorites ,here it is; Meteorites have 'flow lines' that go in all directions,and on the edges there are 'rollover lips' I recently made what I believe is a very big discovery of an observed fall,but not 100% of course until the experts examine and advise....my question though is that one of the experts so far told me that just because there are flow lines ,and in all  directions,and rollover slippage present that there is that on earth rocks as well and very frequent,I find/found this hard to believe especially as he never even used a magnifying glass or nothing,and there is also mini droplets at the ends of the flow lines,is this common on earth rocks? Please?anyone?thanks.Oh,and also took 6 of them for further study and the tests they do to determine,this was at my local museum in Manitoba,Canada.its bee 2 weeks now and haven't heard back,but I know that the the results will be good,just stumped why he would so easily dismiss what I swear are only meteorite features.any answers be greatly appreciated.thanks much.

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A fresh fall would be very distinctive, a simple picture would be able to determine if its a meteorite.  Witnessed falls are chased down by the best and brightest meteorite hunters around the globe, and I have not heard of a bolide in Manitoba that drew in the master hunters.  I've seen several features on earth rocks that could be confused as flow lines.

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Thanks gentleman,its been explained to me by several kind folks now,I just needed to hear it from a few 'masters' first though is all ,I will however post pictures with any future questions or topics I may have,and I'm sure there will be many!!!! The daytime bolide/fireball that lit up the skies here in Manitoba,Canada was a longtime ago,but literally right near my residence.the heading in the newspaper was 'Fireball lights up Sky North of Winnipeg' Mikestang,I googled it the other day,and although it happened longgggg time ago now the info can still be read.Thanks for the replys guys!!!!! " Happy Huntn "

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