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Can someone please identify this Rock/Mineral?

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Found this black colored rock with glittery surface, it is bit brittle, u can easily crumb it, very lightweight, area where it was found is clay like soil  and its easily found nearby almost everywhere (gound here was heavily dug out and after made it flat for construction) after that started to see this type small medium sized rocks around. 

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english

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Baste on one photo - looks like the mineral Biotite to me.  Maybe a Biotite Schist (rock type).

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Try a streak and hardness test on it. Streak test is basically rubbing it on a piece of unglazed ceramic tile or something similar and noting at the color it left. Hardness is trying to scratch the surface of it, start with your fingernail then a penny then try a knife and see if any left a scratch.


Also try sticking a magnet to it.

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