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Guess the Amount, Win the Knife!

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$40.48 is my estimation, course I could be wrong.


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A cool $100.<<<<<<

Congratulations Bedrock Bob! the actual amount was $101.07 

Bob, message me with your shipping address. This was a lot of fun, so I'll do it again soon. I want to thank Bill - and all of you, for making this the BEST gold prospecting forum on the net today!

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Holy smokes! I have never won anything in my life!

Thanks Terry! What a hoot! And Bill too. The forum is a whole bunch of fun. When guys get involved it really makes it a neat place to hang out.


...Dude, a hundred bucks worth of change at face value is a pile of detecting. My hat is off to you man! Even in the best areas that is a bunch of digging.

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15 minutes ago, Invinoveritas said:

Right on Bob!

I figured you would win this contest too you rascal! 

I just won me a couple of really nice nuggets over on the Nugget Hunting forum too! Adam found some sweet gold and we are supposed to guess the two nuggets from closest to the source. I nailed it big time! I have already sent him my address and expect my nuggets to arrive in a couple days!

I can't believe the luck I am having lately!


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I just got that knife in the mail! Thanks Terry! It is a neat knife and I am going to put it in my collection. 

My stupid camera is on the blink but I will post a pic as soon as I can. There is some sweet laser work on the blade and gold leaf in the handles. What a hoot man!

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