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6 hours ago, AzNuggetBob said:

Strapped don't get me wrong. It is a very nice find. If you ever want to part with it, just let me know. but your going to have to cut a window in it first.

I have a rock saw in the garage....it would be easy for me to cut small section off to expose the interior. I am not sure I want to cut this rock before I get someone smarter than me to take a look at it.

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Don't call me an expert, I sure am not one!

The only water you want to avoid at all costs is tap water, the chlorine in it is really bad for meteorites.  I use 90% isopropyl alcohol to clean mine, but in a pinch I'll use a little spring water.

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Nooooooo Eric... dont cut it....... hehe... just kidding.. Nice find and nice cut !!!


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