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Earth and Space Open House ASU

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I went to an open house yesterday at ASU, which had some meteors including the recent Glendale AZ fall and had a couple of lunars up for display.  I kind of stumbled into this visiting my kids at the college, but wish I'd known about this in advance.


I wish the lighting was a little better and also wished so the pics would have turned out a little better.  The Glendale is labeled and the Lunar has two pics with the tan background.  The two students explained it had spectral analysis, and they let you handle that meteor.




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I was at ASU on Thursday meeting with Laurence Garvie regarding Wet/dry's rocks. The interesting thing about the Glendale AZ fall was that according to amsmeteors.org there were only 5 reports of a fireball that day and still a meteorite landed and was found. When low weather radar was checked there were returns of the incoming bolide. On Wet/dry's rocks I will be PMing him first of the results.



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9 minutes ago, billpeters said:

 The interesting thing about the Glendale fall....



What was the total weight on the Glendale fall? This is the first I've heard of it.

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Here's the story from someone who found it in their front yard: https://www.azfamily.com/archives/glendale-man-finds-meteorite-in-front-yard/article_3b58810d-a366-597c-90e0-93bd2c018764.html. 

What I thought odd about the meteors, not just the Glendale, was how thin the fusion crust was.  Looked as thick as a coat of spray paint.  The Glendale Meteor was pretty white on the inside. Between my poor cell phone and the bad lighting, the samples really did not photograph good.

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The Glendale AZ fall has not been officially classified. It will not be listed yet in the Meteoritical Bulletin until Laurence Garvie gets around to it. The original stone is all that was recovered. It looks the same size as my Danby Dry Lake find at about 130 gm. 

Keep looking down, they're out there. Cheers!


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