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A few neat finds

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Here’s a few cool things I’ve found. The yellow stuff is some neat petrified wood, they are pretty big chunks with neat textures, and it’s agatized inside. The one square piece has a knot hole in it. Also some pics of some fluorite from a spot Bedrock Bob showed me. I met a guy who has a couple claims in a turquoise area, he took us out and let us hunt around and keep any pieces we found. I found that nugget in the wash a long way from the main source. 










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Thanks, I found quite a few more small chunks and pieces of turquoise there, but that was the nicest looking one. I’m hoping it’s pretty stable because it’s been tumbled down the wash for quite a ways and didn’t break up. I think the area is called orogrande, it was about 30 minutes south of Alamogordo in a small cluster of hills just off the highway. The guy who invited us out had several claims there and was doing an outing for some soldiers from the nearby base and we got to tag along with them. It was really cool. 

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I've heard of Orogrande before. It was never a big producer like Sleeping Beauty or Kingman but a lot of very good turquoise came from that area. Wish I had spent more time in New Mexico when I had the chance.

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That is some very nice petrified wood you found and the minerals are very nice two.  Excellent finds!  :thumbsupanim

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