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need your help what is this

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It is probably a tungsten or molybdenum ore. I see some little red crystals. Probably wolfram, wulfenite or a similar mineral. This type of mineral is fairly common in a lead/zinc ore like you are showing us. It could certainly be some other lead related mineral like galena that is in a state of change. 

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On 3/30/2019 at 7:47 AM, Morlock said:

Can you take pictures in natural light? It's too dark to discern the different minerals.

Ditto on your other post as well.

agreed on the photo, if you cant take it out side on a sunny day try shooting it under brighter ligh,t that will increase your shutter speed and  hopefully eliminate the blur.

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No way its a Molybdium, Galena or Zinc ore.  Im going with Obsidian.

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Is it opaque, is it of metallic or glassy luster? Hard to tell in the photos. Does it seem heavy for it's size?


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