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Facebook ad popped up on my screen, Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector.  Got two ordered for $79.78. Wasn't until later I realized it was from China. 

Product Description:

  • The Garrett Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector is ideal for beginners and turns a day at the beach into a possible treasure hunt.

States they ship within 24 hours but I ordered it on the 14th and still not here.

Just an FYI for any others that may see the add. I'm sure they will be crap. Bought one for the wife as well.

High quality Gold Detector Orange color metal detector GP-POINTER handheld meta,OrangeHigh quality Gold Detector Orange color metal detector GP-POINTER handheld meta,Orange

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2 hours ago, GeoJack said:

They offer a money  back guarantee and I did use my AMX card on the purchase so I'm good if they turn out to be bad.


If you choose to send them back, you can get the same knock-offs on Amazon for about half the price. I was too cheap to buy Garret pinpointers, but the knockoff I have works OK for coin hunting. It will not register a .2 gram piece of gold, however....

Hope it works out for you. At least it wasn't a phony GPZ!



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