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update from london

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being hard of hearing around me three kids and ten grandkids is an advantage, can't tell if they are making fun of me or not. but stranger's must find it difficult. and costing me extra money.

the young female at fedex was surely frustrated, me thought she asked me insurance value on the package, me told her whatever shipping was. was her first customer at noon on a sunday, then she asked for picture id, me has none so went out to the car and got me official post office address, president- ryder estate. by this time the line behind me was to the entrance. kept a smile on my face, she accepted the id. everyone was smiling as me left.

febrary 26 get an email from london that they had to pay custom's 63 dollars so sent a money order, that didn't work either so sent cash. today received email that they are proceeding with the analysis.

my grandma's parents were both deft, but her seven sisters and one brother could hear. she had two daughters and two sons, one daughter was deft and also her husband they have a daughter and son that are both deft. but their granddaughter can hear married to a deft male and all four of their kids can hear.

around deft people all these years, me kicks meself in the asse now for not learning sign language and reading lips.

me daughter made me organic ear drops that me can hear me lobo metal detector sound off on bird shot can't hear anyone talking.








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too ugly for Facebook, besides can hand write faster than type.

was fifteen before me could say rabbit instead of wabbit. all me friends say me butcher's the English language.

tried voicemail looks something from outer space. maybe could fall speaking.

thanks mike

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