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After many hours of searching I have located another iron meteorite. I won't give the specific location but I can tell you I was searching near Tucson, Az. The iron was found under about 24" of corn flakes and oyster shells.

I was using an Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator with some blinking lights on top. The machine worked flawlessly even at that depth!



Just look at that fusion crust! It is green indicating olivine is present! And the flow lines have created a texture that almost resembles a bamboo shoot. The enameled finish on the inside is smooth from the trip through the atmosphere and there is even a little stainless steel infuser that sits under the top.

I have rubbed it on my toilet tank lid, waved a compass near it and stuck a refrigerator magnet to it. All tests indicate this is a type O-positive,  Mesosideritic Chondruloid that came from Uranus at cosmic velocity. It was even found near a burned fence post. So you know this shite is the real deal.

Similar specimens sell for around $25 and can bring as much as $40 with the two cast iron teacups that fall from the sky with them. So far I have found a half dozen of these meteorites in various strewn fields but no teacups yet.

I keep thinking that I am not finding iron teacups because the machine just won't hit on an object that small. I am looking for a signal enhancer and a more sensitive coil for the PU-36 so I can complete the set. If I still can't find iron teacups with it I might have to break down and buy a new set of pulse induction dowsing rods and a coal fired pinpointer.  

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23 hours ago, Edge said:

It's all so... disorienting

Tim, instead of looking at it through a Corona bottle, try an Asahi, KIrin, or Sapporo. You'll be, "Oriented" again in no time . . . :)

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