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First Holbrook Meteor Trip

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Holbrook is one of the easiest strewn fields to locate. Anyone who has spent an hour reading about it has a pretty good idea where to hunt. If you are interested in Holbrook do a bit of basic research. If you are interested in hunting meteorites you will have to figure out how to find locations and Holbrook is an easy place to start.


The archives on this forum have a dozen discussions that will put you on the spot.

In these discussions certain members identify as having experience there. You could get to know one of these fellows on this forum by engaging in a conversation about meteorites. Maybe then someone would be compelled to share information with you?

I don't have any maps, sketches or GPS coordinates for you but I do have a big red Xyou can copy and paste onto a Google map. Hopefully that helps.

You are Welcome in retrospect!


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if you do a web search for Holbrook meteorite you should get an account by Bob Verish that pretty much shows the area and how to get there...good luck.

It is pretty much sight and magnet hunting...be sure to look closely as some look a bit like the rabbit poop...


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I have gone out these past two weekends. The desert is covered in flowers and other vegetation due to the heavy, continuous rains and snows. This is NOT a good time to hunt for meteorites.


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On 3/18/2019 at 9:06 AM, SeeRockCity said:

Sounds like I will need a AZ State Trust Land Pass, is that correct? 

The State won't let you take anything from the land even if you get the rec pass.

The area where most of the meteorites have been found is owned by Debra Gentry. I doubt she is up there this time of year but she lives in Phoenix and might give you permission to hunt for her meteorites on her land. If you PM me I could give you her contact information.

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