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Eaaaaaa What Wind ?


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Wind:   Well Any one out braving this junk ?   Stupid wind ripped a sheet of siding off my mobile home the other day.   That's cool, I had $35.00 burning a hole in my pocket.  Just needed to drive 50 miles  each way to pick up a couple of sheets. Funny enough it was nice and calm winds  on the drive .   LOL As long as you was driving WITH the WINDS !   Dang stuff went  up again.   $28.00 a sheet now. 

 Eaaa Dave,    Good time to test your wings.   No Engine Required.   Just Tether the plane to your Go Cart and  Up Up and Away,    eaaaa?  Weather Liars  say the wind was hitting 28MPH.   My little hand held Anemometer said 58MPH ...     Since  I was taking the reading Leaning about 45 Degrees into the wind I have faith in those reading.    Dang Weather Peoples.  LIE LIE LIE. 

Well here I am Cold as Ell again. Yesterday I could have the front door open for a bit. Watching the Quail Eat. Every time the darn wind comes from the East it's flipping cold here. Hope the Caravan folks are as cold as I am. 

My Wind Turbine Generator would have been Tested to the MAX if had if finished and up in the air. 

Click on the Link for a Cool Active Wind Map. Click your location to zoom in. Kinda Mesmerizing it is.



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On 3/17/2019 at 9:37 AM, ArcticDave said:

Yeah it was bad here too. Thankfully not 58 mph:yikes:

It was still enough to discourage anything outdoors. It was cold too:th_panic:

That map is trippy.  It looks like your second hand wind is headed right for us.

Yea, that map is my go too when I'm trying to figure out why I'm freezing my butt off here.   Every time is seems to be Arctic Swirls coming down via Colorado and swinging back down through Texas from the East.     LOL   


Yea Mesmerizing it is.  Catch my self gooooing out on it for way longer then needed.

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