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Bumping around in the hills today


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Dad and I met up with Dave yesterday for a day in the hills detecting.  We wound up kind of exploring the first half of the day so we didnt get much detecting in. Went to the Big Reef Mill to look around and then visited some cool mines.  Was good to get out and exercise both me and the 4x4 :)  Can anyone guess what all the little lights are? No gold but we did clean up the desert in some washes that have not been hit in a LONG time. Real old 22 short shells with a half moon firing pin indent. 

Tom H. 


Going in.jpg









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7 minutes ago, adam said:

You guys could have gone at the same time!  Great pics Tom, I haven`t been up to that mill thingy before :89:    I could have told you a secret only I know about the main road going in there. :200::shhhhh:

Tell me at the outing! :) 

Oh, BTW, nice job on the road bud. Smooth ride in. 

Tom H. 


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21 minutes ago, WASP said:

They’re light coming through bullet holes in a metal tank

Yup! Guess its just a big target for irresponsible shooters.

Tom H. 


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I personally save my bullets to put meat on the table or persuade people from going where the should not be. However this is a sight I have seen way to often I suppose some people just should not be allowed to have weapons 

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