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We were out in the Wickenburg area this weekend and I stumbled across a very large rattler hiding in the bushes.

He was tame and warned me of his position.  Keep your peepers peeping and your beepers beeping.

Also saw 3 striped tail (I believe) scorpions.   Wear your gloves and be careful when you are doing a "50/50" scoop trying to find your target. 

That is all Folks!





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Thanks, theace115

I have not seen my first snake yet but I have started to wear my snake guards. Scorpions especially the little ones can easily get in your scoop. That is very good advice!

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What the heck are those darn snakes doing out already!!! ARG!!!

Good pics.

Tom H.


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Alex, you should see that area at night.  All of the Wind Scorpions come out like crazy when you shine your light.  VERY creepy.

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Ran in to our first rattler yesterday. Mid 50's here, and this dude was sound asleep in a bush. Wifey found him, and managed to get a pic. He was so cold he took awhile to wake up when poked at with the GPX. 

Scorpions get killed on sight. Hate, hate, hate those evil things. Every man has one thing in the world that sets off the primitive instincts. Scorps are it for me. 

Leather gloves, and caution are the order of the day.

The RV resort we are at is heavily populated with the lovely Bark Scorpion. Cy-Kick spray works a miracle. Nothing but dead bodies after a couple days. Highly recommend for those of you that get these beasts in their homes!

Regards, Kyle



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